Bigfoot and Wildboy


Ray Young Bigfoot
Joseph Butcher Wildboy
Monika Ramirez Suzie (Season 1)
Ned RomeroRanger Lucas (Season 1)
Yvonne Regalado Cindy (Season 2)
Al Wyatt, Jr. Cindy's Father (Season 2)

Air Dates:

On ABC, from 9/10/77 - 9/2/78 (as part of the Krofft Supershow)
From 6/2/79 - 9/18/79 as Bigfoot and Wildboy

Number of Episodes:

8 fifteen minute two part episodes as part of the Krofft Supershow
12 thirty minute episodes as Bigfoot and Wildboy

Plot Synopsis:

Orphaned at a young age, Wildboy was raised in the Pacific Northwest by Bigfoot, a large, hairy man-thing. Together, Bigfoot and Wildboy combated the various forces of evil in their part of the country. Besides being extremely strong, Bigfoot could also use super powered jumps to get to high places or to cover far distances. Helping (and occasionally hindering) Bigfoot and Wildboy were Suzie (first season only), the 12 year old daughter of the Ranger Lucas, and Cindy (second season only), an archeology student.


Originally, Bigfoot and Wildboy was one of the featured series on the Krofft Supershow. Each episode was broken down into two 15 minute segments. Almost a year after the Krofft Supershow went off the air, ABC brought back the series as a standalone show and aired new episodes of the show during the summer of 1979. The new episodes were a half hour in length and they were also the last Krofft show to air on Saturday mornings in the 70s.


(May 2008) The first season of the Krofft Supershow is currently being show in California. If the station follows their previous pattern, they will also air the second season of the Supershow, with Bigfoot and Wildboy, after they air the first season. More information is available here.

Episode List:

Season One (episodes were broken into two 15 minute segments on the Supershow):
Sonic Projector - Black Box - Abominable Snowman - UFO - White Wolf - Amazon Contest - Secret Monolith - The Trappers

Season Two (30 minute episodes aired as Bigfoot & Wildboy): The Secret Invasion - Space Prisoner - The Birth of a Titan - Bigfoot vs. Wildboy - Meteor Menace - Earthquake - Eye of the Mummy - The Wild Girl - The Other Bigfoot - Return of the Vampire - Outlaw Bigfoot - Spy from the Sky


The opening theme
The Krofft Supershow theme and intro

Episode preview (Real Video)

Images/Screen Captures:

(click on images for larger versions)

B & W Volume 1
B & W Volume 2

Air Bigfoot
Sorrell Booke
(aka Boss Hog)
from "Outlaw Bigfoot"
Suzie &Chris Knight
(Peter Brady)
from "White Wolf"
Chris Knight
turning into
the White Wolf
Ray Young
Out of costume


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Bigfoot and Wildboy at Jump the Shark


In the mid 1980s, Embassy video released two volumes (now out of print) of Bigfoot and Wildboy. Volume one contained "The Secret Invasion" and "Space Prisoner". Volume two had three episodes: "Outlaw Bigfoot", "Eye of the Mummy", and "Birth of the Titan". The "Black Box" episode was included on the, currently out of print, Columbia House "The World of Sid and Marty Krofft", Re-TV/Family series collection. Ebay from time to time.

The Krofft box set from Rhino Home Video included the "Return Of The Vampire" episode. Buy the box set through Amazon:

Krofft Box Set (DVD)

Krofft Box Set (VHS)

In 2003 and 2004, Cox Cable's Retro Saturday Morning aired the first 8 (two part) episodes of Bigfoot as part of the second season of the Krofft Supershow. The station resumed airing the Retro block in 2008.

Thanks to these airings, as well as syndicated airings from the early 80s, other episodes are available from collectors. For more information on how to find Bigfoot, as well as other Saturday morning shows, go here.

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