Korg: 70,000 B.C.

Burgess MeredithNarrator
Jim MalindaKorg
Bill Ewing Bok
Naomi PollackMara
Christopher ManTane
Charles Morteo Tor
Janelle PranskyRee

Air Dates: On ABC, from 9/7/74 - 8/31/75

Number of Episodes: 16

Plot Synopsis: This series showed the trials and tribulations of a family in prehistoric times. Unlike the Flintstones, this show wasn't a comedy - Korg was the head of the household, Mara was the wife, and Tane, Tor, and Ree were their children. Some of the stories revolved around the family finding food, dealing with wild animals and other tribes.

Comments: This was one of Hanna Barbera's few attempts at live action Saturday morning programming (others included the Banana Splits and Skatebirds). The show was created and produced by Fred Freiberger, who also produced the final seasons of Star Trek and Space: 1999.


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Episode List: Magic Claws - The Guide - Exile - Eclipse - Trapped - Story of Lumi - Moving Rock - Beach People - Running Fight - The Ancient One - Tor's First Hunt - The Hill People - The River - The Web - Picture Maker - Ree & the Wolf


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