Spencer Milligan

Rick Marshall (Season 1 and 2)

Wesley Eure

Will Marshalll

Kathy Coleman

Holly Marshall

Phillip Paley


Ron Harper

Uncle Jack Marshall (Season 3)

Sharon Baird


Joe Giamalva


Walker Edmiston


Air Dates:
On NBC, from 9/7/74 - 9/3/77 and 2/4/78 - 9/2/78 (reruns)
On CBS, from 6/22/85 - 12/28/85 and 6/20/87 - 9/5/87 (all reruns)

Number of Episodes: 43

Plot Synopsis:
While on a camping trip, Ranger Rick Marshall and his children, Will and Holly, were canoeing down a river when they went over a waterfall and ended up in the Land of the Lost. Besides the various dinosaurs they encountered, the Marshalls also regularly interacted with the Pakuni, a tribe of ape like creatures, and the Sleestaks, evil, lizard-like creatures that couldn't come out in the daylight and were afraid of fire. The Marshalls did encounter a different type of Sleestak - Enik, who was an Altrusian, an advanced race of Sleestaks from the past. Unlike his descendents - the Sleestaks of the series, Enik had intelligence and was able to provide help to the Marshalls on occasion.

At the start of the third season, Rick Marshall was able to return to his own time/place. While he was going back, Will and Holly's Uncle Jack was out searching for the Marshall family. At the same time that Rick went back, Jack entered the Land of the Lost and met up with his relatives. During the same time period, an earthquake occurred and it destroyed the Marshall's cave, so they had to relocate to an abandoned temple.


Of all the shows covered, Land of the Lost had the most episodes and was the only series to be rerun on network television in the 80s. So far, it is the only show to spawn a remake. Besides all of that, it also seems to be one of the biggest favorites with fans.

Why has the show been so popular? In my opinion, there are many reasons (the stop motion effects, the dinosaurs, the catchy theme song, the dinosaurs, the Sleestaks, etc...), but I think the main reason that it had such a strong impact was that the show was well written and didn't talk down to the audience. The show used writers with backgrounds in the science fiction/fantasy, such as David Gerrold, Larry Niven and Theodore Sturgeon. Unfortunately, most of these writers did not work on the third and final season and the quality of the stories went downhill rather quickly.


(October 2009) The Land of the Lost movie will be released on October 13th in the regular DVD and Blu-Ray formats. On the same day, the individual seasons of the original series will be released. These are the same version of the episodes that appeared on the box set released in May 2009 to coincide with the new movie. For more information on the release, including the various extras, go here.

Pre-order the DVDs from Amazon:

(June 2009) To coincide with the release of the Land of the Lost movie, the Sci Fi Channel is running another marathon of the original Land of the Lost series. The marathon will run over the course of two days, June 4th and 5th, from 8 am to 6 pm EST. Unlike the previous marathon, they will be omitting the first three episodes, but will be showing the last three episodes, which were not aired during the Memorial Day marathon. Sci Fi's website also has a new video interview with Sid & Marty Krofft here. For more on the movie, check these blog posts.

(May 2009)

Wesley Eure now has his own official site.

With their Land of the Lost movie coming out this summer, Universal re-released the entire 70s series on DVD as a box set on May 19th. The series is being release in two different configurations, a standard version and a deluxe version that comes in a lunch box case. The lunch box is a replica of the original Land of the Lost lunch box from the 1970s. Both versions include an episode commentary from producers Sid and Marty Krofft.

(May 2008) Once again, a three hour block of Krofft shows are airing on cable in California. Currently, the Bugaloos are not part of the block, but if the station follows their previous pattern, the show will be rotated into the lineup once some of the currently airing shows have aired all of their episodes. More information is available here.

Video clips:

Krofft Kwikies - Land of the Lost "Cha-Ka"
Krofft Kwikies - Land of the Lost "The Stranger"
"The Stranger"

More Krofft Kwickies

Episode Guides:
Nels Olsen's in-depth episode guide with detailed synopsis from Tyrannosaurus Lex

Titles and air dates from the Episodes Guides Page

Images/Screen Captures:

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Rick Marshall
Will & Holly
Season 3

Fighting dinosaurs
Grumpy &
a Pylon
Rick & Holly
Marty Krofft
from 1993 LotL
Wesley Eure
from 1993 LotL
Land of the Lost - the premiere site!

The official Land of the Lost movie site

Tyrannosaurus Lex, another Land of the Lost page

A Sleestak page

Article on Kathy Coleman from 1991

David Gerrold's Official Site

Land of the Lost at the Art of Stop Motion


The show is currently airing on Cox Cable's Retro Saturday Morning line up.

The entire series was rereleased on DVD in May 2009 to coincide with the Land of the Lost move.

In 2004, Rhino started releasing Land of the Lost on DVD, a season at a time. The first season set contains interviews and commentary with actors Wesley Eure. Phillip Paley, and Kathy Coleman, writers David Gerrold, Larry Niven, D.C. Fontana, and Walter Koenig, and Sid and Marty Krofft. The second season set contains interviews and commentary with cast members Wesley Eure. Phillip Paley, Kathy Coleman, and Walker Edmiston, as well as guest stars Van Snowden and Brooke Bundy. The third and final season set includes an interview and commentary with actor Ron Harper.

Previously, Rhino had released one volume of the show on DVD, containing the "The Stranger" -- "Tag Team" -- "The Search" -- "The Paku Who Came to Dinner" episodes and also interviews with Kathy Coleman & Phillip Paley and Sid & Marty Krofft. On VHS, Rhino released four volumes: Volume one contains "The Stranger" and "Tag Team" episodes. Volume two contains "The Search" and "The Paku Who Came to Dinner." Volume three contains "Elsewhen" and "Split Personality." Volume four containts "Circle" and "The Zarn." Additionally, the "Skylons" episode was included on the Krofft Box Set, which is available on VHS and DVD.

For more info on how to find this and other old Saturday morning shows, check out this page.

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