Run, Joe, Run

Arch WhitingSergeant William Corey
Chad StatesJosh McCoy (Season 2)

Air Dates:
On NBC, from 9/7/74 - 9/4/76

Number of Episodes:

Plot Synopsis:
Joe, a trained member of the military's K-9 Corp., was falsely accused of attacking his master, Sergeant Corey. Joe managed to escape before being killed and a bounty was put on his head. While Sergeant Corey tried to find him before the authorities did, Joe managed to help the people he encountered on his travels. Although Corey always came close, he never managed to find Joe. During the second season, Corey was called back to duty and Joe teamed up with Josh McCoy, a hiker, and continued on his trek while helping others.


This show was sort of a combination of Lassie and the Fugitive. It followed the same basic plot of the Fugitive (and later, the Incredible Hulk): falsely accused person running from authorities while helping out the people he meets along the way, except that the person was a dog.

For most scenes, Joe was played by Heinrich, producer William D'Angelo's dog.


Series star Arch Whiting passed away on May 7th, 2007. His local paper, The Black Mountain News, has an obituary.

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First Season Opening
& Closing Theme

Second Season Opening
& Closing Theme

Closing narration from a second season episode. (Real Audio)

A commercial for the show is avaliable at The 70s Children's TV part of DeeT's 70s page.

Images/Screen Captures:

Sgt. Corey
Corey training
Joe having
a flashback

Guest star
Kristy McNichol
Kristy & Joe
Guest star
James Hampton

Jumping through
fire (in training)
Jumping through
fire (for show)
More training
for Joe

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No episodes have been officially released, but several episodes, usually from 16 mm sources, are available through traders. For more info on how to find this and similar shows, go here.

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