Sigmund and the Sea Monsters

Johnny Whitaker Johnny
Scott Kolden Scott
Billy Barty Sigmund
Mary Wickes Zelda
Rip Taylor Sheldon (Second season)
Sparky Marcus Shelby (Second season)

Air Dates: On NBC,
from 9/8/73 - 10/18/75

Number of Episodes: 29 episodes

Plot Synopsis: After being kicked out of his home for being "a rotten sea monster", Sigmund Ooze ran away to the beach. At the beach, he met Johnny and Scott who took him home and hid him in their club house. Most of the episodes involved the boys hiding Sigmund from his two brothers (Blurp and Slurp) or from other humans, like the boys' house keeper, Zelda. During the second season, Sheldon, the genie, and Shelby, Sheldon's young nephew, were brought in to spice up the show.


The show continued the Krofft tradition of using a known child actor for the lead, Sigmund's star, Johnny Whitaker, was best known as playing Jody on the long running series, Family Affair. The show put a spin on the "fish out of water" format of Pufnstuf and Lidsville. Instead of putting a teenager in a different world, it brought a literal fish out of water into two teenagers' world.

The show was the first Krofft series to get a second season of new episodes. It was also the first Krofft series to have 2 entirely different theme songs over the course of the series.


(Feb 2015) Amazon Studios is preparing to make a pilot for a revamped version of Sigmund. More info here.

(Aug 2011) Sigmund season one is being re-released in September 2011. The set is scheduled to include commentary from stars Johnny Whitaker and Scott Kolden, as well as producer Sid Krofft. Also included is a downloadable collection of songs Whitaker sang on the show and a look at the Pufnstuf event held at the American Cinematheque event in Los Angeles in 2010.

Order it from Amazon: Sigmund & the Sea Monsters: Season 1

Episode List:
First season:
The Monster Who Came to Dinner - Puppy Love - Frankenstein Drops In - Is There a Doctor in the Cave? - Happy Birthdaze - The Nasty Nephew - Monster Rock Festival - Ghoul School Days - The Curfew Shall Ring Tonight - Sweet Mama Redecorates - Make Room for Big Daddy - It's Your Move - Trick or Treat - Uncle Siggy Swings - The Dinosaur Show - The Wild Weekend - Boy for a Day

Second season:A Genie for Sigmund - Paul Revere Rides Again - Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't - Johnny-O, the Great - Super Sigmund - Pufnstuf Drops In - Sheldon and the Nephew Sitters - One Way Whammy to Tahiti - Cry Uncle - The Haunted House - Mother Makes Ten - You Can't Beat a Magic Carpet


First Season Opening

The Sigmund page at the great Operation Space Nut has the theme and other soundclips.

Images/Screen Captures:
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The Ooze Family
Sheldon, Johnny,
Scott, Sigmund,
and Shelby

Big Daddy
Sweet Momma
Dead Man's Point

Ooze Family
Guest star
Eve Plumb
1980's Video


Johnny Whitaker's Official Site

Billy Barty's Official Site

Rip Taylor's Official Site

Sigmund at Jump the Shark

Sigmund at the IMDB


The first season of the show was re-released on DVD in Sept. 2011. Order it from Amazon.

The show recently aired in California on Cox Cable's Retro Saturday Morning line up.

In 2005, Rhino Home Video released the first season of the series on DVD as a box set. Extras on the set include episode commentary and interviews from creators/producers Sid and Marty Krofft and actors Johnny Whitaker and Scott Kolden, as well as an interview with Krofft writer/producer Si Rose.

Sigmund First Season Set

Sigmund Sampler DVD

Krofft Box Set (DVD)

Krofft Box Set (VHS)

Previously, Rhino released a box set that included both seasons of the series on video tape.

In addition to the box sets, Rhino has released four volumes of episodes, each with two episodes, and a DVD featuring four episodes, as well as interviews with Johnny Whitaker and Scott Kolden.

Also, the "Trick Or Treat" episode was included on the Krofft Box Set, which is available on VHS and DVD.

Ten episodes of the show were included in Columbia House's "The World of Sid and Marty Krofft", Re-TV/Family series. Two tapes, each containing two episodes, were also released in the mid 80s. All of these appear to be out of print, but used copies can usually be found on Ebay from time to time.

In the 1990s, Sigmund aired on TV Land as part of their Super Retrovision Saturdaze and on the (Fox) Family Channel.

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