Search and Rescue: The Alpha Team

Search and Rescue: The Alpha Team


Michael J. Reynolds

Bob Donnell

Donann Cavin

Kathy Donell

Michael Tough

Jim Donell

Helen Shaver

Doctor Liz Warren

Air Dates:

On NBC, from 9/10/77 - 1/28/78

Number of Episodes:


Plot Synopsis:

The Alpha Team was a group of humans and trained animals that worked together as a search and rescue unit (hence the name of the show). Whenever anyone got lost, injured or stranded, the Alpha Team (headed up by Bob Donell and including his two children, Kathy and Jim) would be called in save the day.


The show was a joint production between a US and Canadian company and filmed in Canada. In the US, the series aired on Saturday mornings. Not all of the episodes had been aired when the series was cancelled because of low ratings.

In Canada, the show aired in primetime and all 26 episodes were aired.

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Bob and Kathy
Donell and friend


To my knowledge, none of the episodes are available through traders/collectors. If anyone has access to episodes, audio clips, or photos, please contact me.

Several episodes are available for viewing at the Library of Congress.


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