The Skatebirds Cast:

Don MessickVoice of Scooter
Scatman Crothers Voice of Scat Cat
Lennie WeinribVoice of Knock Knock
Bob HoltVoice of Satchel

Air Dates: On CBS, from 9/10/77 - 1/28/78

Number of Episodes: 16 episodes

Plot Synopsis:

This show was an updated version of the Banana Splits. Like the Splits, the Skatebirds hosted a show that combined wacky bits featuring the hosts; short, animated adventures (Three Robonic Stooges; Wonder Wheels; and Woofer and Wimper, Dog Detectives - actually condensed versions of the Clue Club); and a live action series shown in serial form (Mystery Island.


After less than 6 months on the air, the show was taken off the air and The Robonic Stooges were given their own show. The Skatebirds were brought back in a half hour version on Sunday mornings, without the Stooges. Once the show was syndicated, the Robonic Stooges were back, along with Wonder Wheels, but the Mystery Island segments were gone. The Mystery Island segments were later seen on the syndicated version of Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels.

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Video Clips:

Opening & Closing Segments
(Shortened/syndicated version)

Opening theme (Long version)

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Boomerang, the Cartoon Network's spin off station, has aired the edited versions of the Skatebirds (as well as the Mystery Island segments and Clue Club) from time to time. At least one episode of the original, hour long version is circulating among collectors.

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