Van Williams Steve Andrews
Niki Dantine Kate Andrews
Kimberly Beck Robin Andrews
Steve Burns Tom Andrews

Air Dates: On NBC, from 9/6/75 - 9/4/76

Number of Episodes: 13

Plot Synopsis:

The show chronicled the adventures of the Andrews family as they sailed in and around Hawaii on their boat, the Westwind. Steve was a photographer that specialized in underwater photos, Kate was a marine biologists, and Robin and Tom were their two teenage kids. Filmed on location in Hawaii, the show utilized the local scenery (both in the water and on land) and most episodes featured underwater footage. Notable guest stars included John Carradine and Joanna Cameron (Isis).


According to an early review, the show was originally called Westwind to Hawaii. Airing later in the Saturday morning schedule, the show had more action and violence than your average Saturday morning schedule. The more adult nature of the show, along with increased production values, might be one of the the reasons that Westwind has been syndicated, and other more youthful shows haven't.

Van Williams is probably best known for playing the title character on The Green Hornet series from the 60s.

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Steve Andrews
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Evil Frogman
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Steve & Kate
Tom & Robin
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The Westwind


No episodes of the series have been officially released on video. Since the series has aired infrequently on the American Independent Network (AIN), a cable network, over the years, episodes are circulating among collectors.

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