Melora Hardin Cindy Prescott
Justin Randi Willie Williams
Clint Ritchie Bill Prescott
Melissa Converse Cindy Prescott

Air Dates:

from 9/10/77 - 9/2/78

Number of Episodes:


Plot Synopsis:

This show concerned the adventures of Cindy Prescott and her friend Willie Williams. Thunder, a black stallion who ran wild near the Prescott family's ranch, played a major part in their adventures. Whenever there was trouble of any kind, you could count on Thunder to ride in and save the day. The rest of the cast included Cindy's parents, Bill, a rancher, and Anne, a veterinarian. Cupcake, Willie's slow mule, also played a part in their adventures.


The show was created by the creators of another series involving a stallion, Fury, which originally aired from 1955 to 1960.

For about a month, the show was retitled "Super Horse, Starring Thunder" in hopes that it would improve the ratings. Thunder was aired in the middle slot during a 90 minute block of live action shows on NBC during the 1977 season. Unlike the two shows that surrounded it, Red Hand Gang and Search and Rescue: The Alpha Team, Thunder managed to stay on the air for a full season with all episodes aired.

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Short clip from the
"Thunder and the Littlest Libber" episode

Short clip from the "Thunder and the Wild Burros" episode.

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Melora Hardin's Official Website - Includes photos from Thunder.

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From what I can tell, no complete episodes of the show are available through collectors. If anyone has episodes of this show, please send me an email.

A few episodes of the show are available for viewing at the Library of Congress. For information on how to view them, as well as information on how to find other Saturday morning shows on video, click here.

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